Offering children aged 6 to 12years of age individual ball control, positional and technical skills.

Each player is continually assessed by our qualified coaches and we have a more formal structure to the coaching to enhance soft skills such as communication, rules and instructions, positional play whilst building on the core basic techniques of ball control, passing, dribbling and shooting.

Our ‘Junior’ sessions provide a more formal understanding of how to play as part of a team.

Our ‘Junior’ sessions are held indoors on a Saturday mornings 10:00-10:50am using the main sports hall at Benfield Sports Centre, Walkergate. We would ask that parents ensure children wear trainers (not boots) and have a soft drink for the short breaks.

Each ‘Term’ must be paid for in advance, we do not offer pro-rat fees or refunds for any missed sessions. Once signed up parents will be given priorty booking for each new term.

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