1. The Company fully accepts the obligations placed upon it by the various Acts of Parliament covering health and safety. The Company requires its Chief Executive to ensure that the following policy is implemented and to report annually on its effectiveness.
  2. Current Public Liability Insurance covers up to £10M, Insurer Maltings and policy number MHGB2749094XB



  1. This policy has been prepared and published under the requirements of Health & Safety at Work legislation. The purpose of the policy is to establish general standards for health and safety at work and to distribute responsibility for their achievement to all Lead Coaches, supervisors, and other employees through the normal line management processes.


Directors and Lead Coaches

  1. These are wholly accountable to the shareholders for the implementation and monitoring of the policy within the area of their specified responsibility.


  1. The Company believes that consideration of the health, safety and welfare of staff is an integral part of the management process. The provision of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act, associated Codes of Practice and E.C. Directives will be adopted as required standards within the Company. Responsibility for health and safety matters shall be explicitly stated in management job descriptions.
    1. The Company requires staff to approach health and safety in a systematic way, by identifying hazards and problems, planning improvements, taking executive action and monitoring results so that the majority of health and safety needs will be met from locally held budgets as part of day-to-day management, although many health and safety problems can be rectified at little additional cost.
    1. If unpredictable health and safety issues arise during the year, the Directors must assess the degree of risk, in deciding the necessary resources and actions to commit to addressing these issues.


  1. It shall be the responsibility of the lead coach to bring to the attention of all members of his or her staff, the provisions of the guidelines, and to consult with appropriate Health and Safety Representatives about the updating of these guidelines. The model contents of a guideline are:
  2. a clear statement of the role of the department;
  3. regulations governing the work of the department;
  4. clear reference to safe methods of working, for example nursing procedures, manufacturers’ manuals;
  5. information about immediate matters of health and safety concern, such as fire drills, fire exits, first aid;
  6. training standards;
  7. the role and identity of the Health and Safety Representative;
  8. names of specialist advisers who can be approached about the work of the department;
  9. the Lead Coach responsible for organisation and control of work;
  10. accident reporting procedures;
  11. departmental safety rules;
  12. fire procedures;
  13. policies agreed by the Company.

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