We have been delivering independent community coaching to young people from 3 since 2012.

Our coaches work very hard to ensure every child fun and can learn in a safe freidnly environment.

Coaches who work with us have all played at grassroots level and some run their own junior teams with various local clubs. We always ensure that we are independent however and every child is offered an informed opportunity to move in to junior football only if they want to and then only when they are ready. Coaches are not allowed to influence or approach parents directly for junior football.

We offer college and university students workplacement opportunities as part of their course requirements.y to volunteerhas an opportunity to experience different aspects of the game and we do this with three ‘Core Principles’.

We are motivated to ensure every child has a positive, rewarding experience with us and in sport and physical activity. We want every child to feel comfortable and engaged and we do this through individual improvement, development and ensuring the child understands the importance of continued learning and effort.

We are very much focused on the ‘Mastery’ aspect of sport and physical activity.

By this we don’t just mean learning to master the ball, techniques and skills, we mainly focus on the mental strength of young players. Making sure they have a positive view on participating, meeting new people and a willingness to learn.

For most 3/4 year old’s, walking in to a new environment where 30/40 other kids are running is daunting. They constantly look for the comfort and approval of parents. Our first step is to allow the child to learn how to step forward and participate.

This is only possible because we ensure all our coaches benefit from embracing our core principles to ensure children develop and are therefore better prepared to progress to a more competitive environment at pace that is appropriate.

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All FA Licensed coaches from Level 1+ will be paid a competitive hourly rate, non-qualified coaches will be asked to volunteer for a minimum of 8Weeks prior to any pay being offered.

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