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Tyneside Kickers was the football coaching programme initially set up under Quadrant Leisure in 2013. Starting with only 2 children attending asessions in Walker, through hard work, dedication and great coaches, Tyneside Kickers was delivering independent community coaching to over 80 children per week by March 2020.

We took the decision to move the coaching forward, we needed to restructure the organisation, and on 28 February 2020 we set up Tyneside Kickers Community Interest Company (No: 12493711). As a CIC we operate as a social enterprise and ensure all future funds and profits we raise will go directly back to our members.

Parents, schools or other organisations who wish to seek ways to help young people become more active, then Tyneside Kickers can offer qualified, experienced sports coaching and mentoring.

Mission Statement

To enhance social, mental and physical development through sport, and physical activity programs, thereby increasing positive developmental outcomes for all young people

Setting the foundation

Tyneside Kickers has experience of engaging with young people to begin their journey of learning and playing sport. We work hard to ensure every child has an opportunity to experience different aspects of the game and we do this with three core principles.

ENJOYABLE: We ensure a child’s experience of coaching is enjoyable, players will learn through ‘doing’ We work hard to ensure each child is engaged, plays with a smile and is ready and willing to learn. We achieve this in an age appropriate way and by making our activities and games fun, inclusive and ensuring they have a safe environment to participate.

POSITIVE: We encourage children to focus on what they can do well and not to be afraid to work hard to improve new skills and techniques. The way we engage with children may differ slightly from child to child as they all learn at various speed. All our activities are adaptable, we listen to children and help create a positive and supportive environment

SAFE: We recognise for any child to develop and be receptive to learning new skills and making friends they need to be in a safe environment. This is not only condusive to positive learning but also allows children to make mistakes without fear. We achieve this through positive engagement, listening and talking to children in an appropriate way and making their experience memorable. 

Youth development

To support youth development through sport and physical activity, we must stay focused on what our role is in achieving this.

We are motivated to ensure every child has a positive, rewarding experience with us and in sport and physical activity. 

We are very much focused on the ‘Mastery’ aspect of sport and physical activity. We want every child to feel comfortable and engaged and we do this through individual improvement, development and ensuring the child understands the importance of continued learning and effort.

By doing this we can ensure children are better prepared to progress to a more competitive environment such as school sports and grassroots clubs.