11am Nippers Class

When we return after the Easter break to commence a new term, we will unfortunately need to alter our timetable and that means we will no longer be able to operate the 11am Nippers class.

To balance this we will be offering EVERYONE who currently attends the 11am class the opportunity to switch over to the 9am Nippers session from 30 April. We appreciate this may not suit some parents and we apologise for that, however it is not a decision we have taken lightly and hopefully many of you will happily make the switch to 9am after the Easter holidays.

If you are happy to switch, there is nothing for you to do, we will automatically transfer everyone over and send out the new renewal invoices at the beginning of April.

If you are unable to switch over, please accept our apologies again, we do not wish to lose any child from our schedule, however can we ask that you let us know asap via email to ensure we don’t send you an invoice.

This current term will finish on 9 April, the changes will come in to effect from 30 April.